FIRA Autonomous Cars Competition (ACC)

About FIRA RoboWorld Cup 2023 Germany

The Federation of International RoboSports Association (FIRA) invites new and old participants to the FIRA 2023 RoboWorld Cup. The competition is to be held from 17th to 21st July 2023. FIRA is the oldest intelligent robot soccer competition that focuses on three goals:

(a) to provide challenging and motivating benchmark problems for state-of-the-art research in intelligent robotics.

(b) to give senior students valuable skills and experiences that allow them to be productive and develop their careers in the new economy.

(c) to introduce junior students to the fundamentals of STEM topics (science, technology, engineering, and math).

FIRA Autonomous Cars Competition (ACC)

The FIRA Autonomous Cars League (FACL) is an international competition focused on autonomous vehicle technology. It includes two main divisions in which teams can participate:

FIRA Autonomous Cars Physical Division

In the Physical Division, teams design, build and program a 1:10-scale autonomous car to drive on a road without human control. This division aims to demonstrate autonomous driving capabilities in a physical setting. Teams in this division get hands-on experience building an actual self-driving model car.

FIRA Autonomous Cars Simulation Division

The Simulation Division provides teams an opportunity to develop autonomous vehicle software and AI in a simulated environment. The goal of this division is to realistically simulate the Physical Division and allow teams to focus primarily on the software and algorithm development of autonomous cars. The Simulation Division first started in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and made it possible to hold one of the first and best online autonomous vehicle competitions in the world.

The FIRA Autonomous Cars League competition started in 2020 and brings together university students, researchers, and technology enthusiasts from around the world to advance innovation in autonomous vehicle technology. Despite challenges from the global pandemic, the inaugural competition in 2020 was very successful, with participation from many international teams.